After losing everything, hurricane victim gets loving gift from a stranger -
Published: 7 days ago By: USA TODAY

By: USA TODAYPublished: 7 days ago


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Shirley lost a lot after hurricane Harvey ravaged Texas, but a set of cups from her mother was the most sentimental loss. A stranger who lives thousands of miles away set out to make Shirley's recovery a little better.

HOUSTON -- When Shirley Hines left her home in Houston, Texas, there was already more than four feet of water rising around her.
When she returned, she discovered her car was totaled due to water damage. Many of her belongings had been destroyed, but something much smaller was an even bigger loss for Hines. Cups her mother passed down to her had been destroyed.
"I was very close to my mother and when she passed I would sit out and have a cup of coffee in her cups that we used to have coffee out of," Hines said. "And it was really all I had left from my mother."

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